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Your Bergen County NJ basement is a homeowner's object of comfort.

Carpentry Innovations of Ridgewood can take your basement remodeling project a step further and create a more functionally efficient space in your home. The basement has become one of the most used places in the house. apart If you're considering a basement remodeling project to improve your existing home conditions, here are some benefits that Carpentry Innovations of Ridgewood has to offer when you undertake a basement renovation/ remodeling project.

We at Carpentry Innovations of Ridgewood N.J will convert an unfinished basement into a beautiful spacious living area. Water issues and wet mildew smelling basement, no problem. We can install a French drain system and dehumidifier before the construction of your basement, knowing your basement will always be dry, mildew-free and fresh smelling.

All types of flooring, wood, engineered wood, ceramic, porcelain can be installed throughout your entire basement. Installing 5/8 " water-resistant sheetrock to all walls and ceiling to ensure lasting durability and longevity. All necessary lighting, recessed, fluorescent, LED, wall sconces and under the cabinet lighting. All electrical outlets,  Cable TV,  and internet wiring and installation.

Carpentry Innovations of Ridgewood NJ can install hard sheetrock ceiling or acoustic drop ceilings for easy access to all plumbing, heating and electrical infrastructure. Moisture, mildew, and fire-resistant tile and decorative metal ceiling tile. Expertly built custom built-ins built on-site for all of your entertainment and storage needs. Close off your utility room with the proper venting and access. Separate and finish off your laundry room floor, walls, and ceiling. We can build custom cabinetry for storage and folding laundry. Door, windows, moldings, and millwork, installed, nail holes filled and painted to perfection.


With Carpentry Innovations of Ridgewood servicing Bergen County N.J. and all the surrounding areas, we keep your needs and wants to be centered around the included elements to complete your preferred basement design. Everything about basements, showers, sinks, toilets, cabinet, countertops, lighting, walls, ceilings, heating ( radiant ), ventilation and flooring options can now be decided on with more detail and options. We give you more knowledge and control on what choices you decided on that have been installed in your basement and how to maintain it. With being proactive with the professional's at Carpentry Innovations of Ridgewood we can provide the most accurate and beautiful finished product that will look great and last for a very long time, forever being the envy of all of Bergen County NJ

In closing, we at Carpentry Innovations of Ridgewood NJ are a 100% self-performing company. We are not salesmen brokers that subcontract out all of the building trades that encompass a kitchen & bathroom renovation. Not having to deal with 6 - 7 different companies working in your home most of which you never met is a great benefit. Carpentry Innovations of Ridgewood N.J has all in house highly skilled craftsmen, the same ones working on your house every day. The same trucks, the same craftsmen every day from start to completion  " From Demo to Distinction "

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