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We at Carpentry Innovations of Ridgewood N.J. are a 100% self-performing company. We are not salesmen brokers that subcontract out all of the building trades that encompass a kitchen & bathroom renovation. Not having to deal with 6 - 7 different companies working in your home most of which you never met is a great benefit. Carpentry Innovations of Ridgewood N.J has all in house highly skilled craftsmen, the same ones working on your house every day. The same trucks, the same craftsmen every day from start to completion  " From Demo to Distinction "


At Carpentry Innovations of Ridgewood NJ, we know how important your Bergen County kitchen and bathrooms are to you. Having a home with a beautifully renovated kitchen and bath that you are comfortable in and proud to share with your family and friends is essential to your overall happiness. Remodeling your Bergen County kitchen and bath with Carpentry Innovations of Ridgewood NJ is one way to build your dream home right where you are. Our professional kitchen and bathroom remodeling services will make your dream and vision a reality.

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